In order to provide the most comprehensive care; Mercy Community Healthcare offers the following services to our patients once they have established care with a medical provider:

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  • Assistance with Enrolling in the Health Insurance Marketplace
  • Referrals and Subspecialist Appointments and Follow-ups
  • Insurance Pre-Authorizations and Pre-Certifications
  • Disease Education
  • Home Health Care Assistance
  • School Services (IEP, IFSP, & GEIT Meetings)
  • School Medication Forms
  • Durable Medical Goods and Equipment (G-Tubes, Diapers, Wheelchairs, Medical Beds, etc.)
  • Community Assistance Programs (Domestic Violence, Food, Housing, Utilities, Clothing, etc.)
  • Assistance with Insurance and Social Security Disability Applications and Appeals
  • Job Training Referrals
  • Transportation
  • Spanish Interpreter/Translator Services

Welcome to the Care Coordination Department of Mercy Community Healthcare. Our focus is to address and assist patients and their families with unmet medical, educational, and social service needs.  We commit to providing need driven services in a timely, individualized, patient-family centered, and culturally sensitive manner.


The Care Coordination Department exists to provide continuity of care among providers of services, educate, advocate for, and empower patients and families to attain self-sufficiency; to link families with community resources and assist patients and families in navigating the various systems in order to attain the highest quality of care, while maintaining confidentiality and privacy.


Insurance Referral Specialists: The Insurance Referral Specialists coordinates subspecialists’ referrals. They schedules appointments with the appropriate subspecialists providing them with demographics, insurance, diagnosis and medical/diagnostic information, as well as contact patients and/or caregivers with appointment information.

  • Appointment scheduling and follow-up with subspecialist appointments (Cardiology, X-rays, Ultrasounds, Urology, etc.)
  • Insurance Pre-Authorization and Pre-Certification (Commercial or TennCare)

Medical & Disease Case Managers: The Medical and Disease Case Mangers facilitate family access to medical home providers, staff, and other resources. They serve as contacts, advocates, and resource for family, community, and other social or medical agencies.

  • Disease Education
  • Assistance with Home Health Care
  • School Services (Attend team meetings, IEP, IFSP, GEIT, etc.)
  • Durable Medical Goods (G-Tubes, Diapers, and other medical supplies)
  • Durable Medical Equipment (Wheelchairs, Medical Beds, etc.)
  • Written Correspondence

Social Service Case Managers: The Social Service Case Managers assist individual and families in navigating social service systems to attain the highest quality of life.

  • Link families with community services and resources (Domestic Violence, Food, Clothing, Food Stamps, Family First, utilities, etc.)
  • Insurance (Assist with application and appeal processes)
  • School and other agency meetings (IEP, IFSP, GEIT)
  • Social Security Disability Application Assistance
  • Job Training Referrals
  • Budgeting
  • Transportation
  • Written Correspondence

Outreach and Enrollment Counselor (Certified Application Counselor):  The Outreach and Enrollment Counselor is responsible for conducting public education activities at Mercy Community Healthcare, in the communities of Williamson, Maury, Marshall, and Hickman counties to raise awareness about health insurance coverage options under Medicaid (TennCare), CHIP, and the Affordable Care Act Marketplace, as well as enrolling consumers in medical insurance plans.

  • Link families with community services and resources (Domestic Violence, Food, Clothing, Food Stamps, Family First, utilities, etc.)
  • Insurance (Assist with application and appeal processes)

Psychiatric Nurse: The Psychiatric Nurse participates in the planning of services and provides appropriate clinical teaching to the patient their family members, and members of interdisciplinary team; instruct patients and their caregivers on the purpose, and side effects of medication.

  • Prescription Refills
  • Bridge scripts
  • School Forms
  • Schedules and arranges for special psychiatric tests
  • Obtains prescription prior-authorizations
  • Crisis intervention
  • Written Correspondence

Spanish Interpreter: The Interpreter provides timely, individualized, patient-centered, and culturally sensitive Spanish interpreting services.

  • Interprets (Spanish)
  • Translates (Spanish)

Legal Aid Clinics: Through Mercy’s Medical Legal Partnership with the Legal Aid Society of Middle TN and the Cumberlands, and in collaboration with St. Andrews Lutheran Church in Franklin, TN, Mercy provides legal advice clinics (criminal issues excluded) for communities in Williamson and surrounding counties on the 1st Thursday of each month, starting at 4:30 p.m.

Chronic Care Management Program: Mercy’s Chronic Care Management Model (CCM) is an organizational approach to caring for people with chronic diseases in a primary care setting. CCM Objectives include, but are not limited to:

  • To improve / maintain functional status
  • To improve / maintain quality of life
  • To increase patient satisfaction
  • To improve compliance with Care Plan
  • To improve patient safety
  • To the extent possible, increase patient self-direction (autonomy)
  • To reduce / prevent of urgent care visits, ER visits and hospitalizations
  • Overall saved healthcare cost for the patient